Small Bouncy Houses Ideas

Jun 23rd

Small bouncy houses – If you have a garden or a spacious house it will not be necessary for the children to wait for the fair or go to a playroom, to jump and enjoy an inflatable castle. If reduced size can be the center of any birthday party. And daily sure your child what will happen in great jumping and exercising in your living room.

As a result, the designs of small bouncy houses are similar to those of the big ones. They are made of resistant materials and are generally indicate for children up to 6 years. The price includes: bouncy castle, inflation turbine, a repair kit, anchor pegs and carrying bag. And also the size of the toy varies between 6 and 9 square meters.

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The grenadine company has three models of these castles of interior or garden. The price, depending on the size varies between 195 and 265 Euros, plus shipping. Then, you can order from the website and receive it at your address in 24 or 48 hours. They are guarantee for two years and have the necessary safety certificates. It is becoming easier to turn your house into a small amusement park for children. Then, castles, giant games, or slides, supply is growing, pity that the houses are becoming smaller.