Special Small Mediterranean House Plans

Jun 13th

Small Mediterranean house plans is right choice for decorating your home. Then if you want to feel sea and beach just open door home. A style where prevail colors ranging from white to blue and brown. Shades able to enhance beauty of materials such as wood , stone or wrought iron. A house decorated in Mediterranean style has to be warm, cozy and imitate best of nature.

Small Mediterranean house plans interior is characterize by inspiration at sea and on land. Exposed brick, wooden beams, colorful tiles, scented oils, light fabrics. And also decorative stone used to translate charm. And beauty that emanates from Mediterranean landscape within your home. Among materials and also colors for house in Mediterranean style terracotta decorations, drywall, ceramic and wood beams are include.

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Use of stone and wood are two key elements that refer to nature. In order to reinforce luminosity. And get a greater sense of spaciousness in rooms. It is best to paint walls in light colors, white, yellow or blue. And classic smooth finishes.  Even olive green and blue are two colors to keep in mind in this style. Floors of small Mediterranean house plans can be clay or ceramic. But should not be excluded alternatives such as wooden floors.

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