Beautiful Small House Boats

Jun 9th

Small house boats – Usually a house with a high degree of personalization. And it must be recognized that it is not a house for anyone. Living in a houseboat with all the comforts and also security. To achieve it grows into a true luxury, something really unique that even identifies a lifestyle.

There is small house boats result of the conceptions of naval architecture. In the video below you can see the example developed by an enthusiast. There are variety of ideas about boat houses and houseboats.  Some projects meet the need to recycle a boat. But there are other originals starting from scratch and built as boats that work just to houses, floating platforms and houses hulled boat instead of foundation, according to the predominant characteristics of the Designs.

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There are people who hate riding by boat because they get dizzy easily and begin to feel bad. Others, on the other hand, live only to sail, to sail the seas and to enjoy the water. If you are one of those people that the soft swish of a boat likes and relaxes, perhaps you can consider establishing your residence in a beautiful small house boats. Although in Spain and in many places in Latin America there is no habit of living on lakes and rivers, the truth is that in other European cities is quite common.