Best Ideas Tree House Bolts

Jun 27th

Tree house bolts – There are several ways to create the support structure of your tree house. Choose the method that you choose, remember that the tree will buckle with the wind. Make sure, therefore, that the house will not be affected by that movement. You can choose from several ways to create the support structure of your tree house

Tree house bolts  support the platform will be bolted directly to the tree trunk. It is the most common way to cement the platform. This method is also the one most likely to damage the tree, although it can reduce that risk by using suitable materials. Support posts are driven into the ground, near the tree, but are fixed to the latter. You should leave plenty of space around the platform so that the tree can freely sway in the wind. This method is the one that causes the least damage to the tree.

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Spread the top of the support beams to an angle of approximately 45 ° (depending on the situation). Attach the support beams to the inside of the platform using, again, two propellers. Fasten the two clamping beams to each other at the bottom with a threaded rod or M8 bolt 100 mm long. Place washers between support beams and stud tree house bolts