Ideas for Replacing Shower Wall Panels

Mar 13th

Shower wall panels last many years if they receive proper care. However, over time, even with the best care, they starting to pick up stains and become yellowish and dirty. Replacing your panels shower wall gives your entire bathroom a fresh new look. Shower wall panels buying parts from your local builder. The panels come in whole sections, which you hang on the wall. All you have to do before installation is measured and cut adequate shower panel, tap and places shelves.

Turn off the main water supply for the shower.  Remove the nails holding the shower walls in place with a nail puller. Pull out some drywall mud with a spatula 6 inches. Measure the length, width and height of your bathtub. Maintain a 4 – foot level on the wall in one of the outer corners of the tub.  Place the cardboard template on the wall panel proper shower. Trace around the holes with a pencil. Measure the diameters of the holes. Use a hole saw the same diameter hole to cut each shower wall panels. Lift the wall panel to check that all holes are aligned.

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Place a tube of construction adhesive in a caulk gun. Supply a manufacturer of shower wall panel your own adhesive for you to use. Lift the panel wall. Install the front panel of the wall next – the panel with holes in it. Measure the distance between the two panels and is divided by two.  Apply adhesive to back side of the side panel, the same way it did in the two previous groups.  Install the tub faucet and shower, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.