How to Build a Garden Trellis Panels Using Lattice

Jul 16th

Garden trellis panels – Lattice panels are thin sheets of plastic or wood bonded together in a diagonal panel or window design. Lattice is common for use as cover socket or privacy fencing. It is durable enough for use as a garden trellis, and since it is already mounted, all you have to do is create a frame. If you buy lattice panels store home improvement, often cut to size for you. Cut two sticks of cedar or redwood tomato at the height you want the grid to be. Make cuts on the flat end, not the end point. Remember that 12 inches will be underground.

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Cut the panel network up stakes tomato, less than 12 inches. Cut the panel to the width you want the grid to be. Place the network garden trellis panels on top of the two tomato stakes so the top of the lattice is even with the top of the stakes. Use an electric drill to insert wood screws through the panels and gambling. Place a screw every 10 to 12 inches. Lift the garden trellis panels using lattice and take it to the garden. Drive the pointed end of the tomato stakes in the ground to a depth of 12 centimeters.

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