Building Yurt Tree House

May 22nd

Yurt tree house is a wonderful part of growing up. It gives kids a place to go when they need to escape the adult world. A tree house can be used for imaginary games, hang outs and slumber parties. The first step in building a yurt tree house is setting it. Once you have gathered your tree house team, follow these steps to start the process of framing.


Select a tree. The tree you use to host your yurt tree house should be (leafy) trees. Choose a tree that is cut off a lot of winds. Be sure to also look at one that is not really close to a lot of other trees. Purchased wood in the frame. Type of wood you choose is not important, but make sure it is suitable for outdoor use.

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Nail the four pieces of lumber together to make the outer perimeter of your tree house frame. Make sure that you construct border around the tree. Dig four holes. Your hole should be about 2 feet deep and large diameter to hold your poles. Add a pole in each hole. When you purchased your posts, they should have been the type designed for fence posts.

Have the supervisor lift your limit frame. He supports the nail border to your corner posts. Mix your concrete. The mixture should be three parts gravel, two parts sand and one part cement. Pour concrete into the holes and let it dry. The concrete will keep the poles in place, the yurt tree house stable and safe for your child.

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