Cattle Panel and Wood Fence

May 28th

Cattle panel – Did not have a barn or shed to store hay and feed. That keeps people from realizing their dream of owning a horse or some cattle panel. Have a handy storage store many trips back and forth to feed stores. Heavy duty tarps and livestock panels provide an easy do-it-yourself answer this storage dilemma.

Directions that follow will build waterproof ring for the save cattle panel. The items required for this project are wooden pallets, heavy duty tarp, a panel of cattle, 4 T-post or 4 lengths rebar. Finding a suitable place to store your fodder where it is easily accessible. Pallet is the “floor” of this structure and makes hay or meal of the soil to prevent rot or contamination.

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Cattle panel descend on the place you choose. Stand cattle panel at the end of the T-posts and pallet on one side. You want to position the panels so the narrow end is the end resting on the ground, wedged between the post and the pallet. Take the ends and bending the panels on pallets and pushed in between the T-posts and pallets on the other side. If you’ve done this right, this should now form an arch over the mattress. Tarpaulins you choose should be long enough to span the arch from side to side. It should be wide enough to completely close both ends with several legs lying on the ground.

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