Best Tree House Dandeli

Jun 26th

Tree house dandeli are play structures placed in the tree. They can be simple platforms with ladders or elaborate house with windows and doors. Tree houses can have a variety of designs. A simple platform in the crook of the tree or the miniature house with windows and doors are both good tree houses. A tree house can be supported by a tree or more. Secure tree house dandeli for small children can be designed only a few feet from the ground. If there is no large enough to support a tree house in the trees, a platform can be built as a stand-alone deck surrounding a small tree that the tree has plenty of room to grow.

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Tree house dandeli are great for kids because they promote imagination, adventure and outdoor play. They can be safe hide-outs from mom and dad — prying eyes even if they are in the garden. Large tree house can host many children and used also for sleepovers.


Some older children may think they can build their own tree house, but it is important for them to be built with adult supervision. Select a tree with strong branches forming a wide V-shape. Tree houses should always have safety rails and a robust ladder. Choose a tree that is a safe distance from power lines, fences and streets.

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