Sylvanian Families Old Oak Tree House Apartment

Jun 25th

Sylvanian families old oak tree house – From the forest, that actually means Sylvan. Sylvanian family name for a collection of toys of all types of forests and the state animal accordingly. In 1984 the company developed and introduced the Epoch figures forest animals and calling them Sylvanian Family Toys. Porcupine, beaver, rabbit and bear comes to clothing and accessories. The whole family is provided with houses, furniture, boats and cars. Toy line began to grow and people began to gather.

In 1987 Tomy Company launched sylvanian families old oak tree house in the UK with Flair Leisure Products as distributor. The Sylvanian Families now live in homes in the UK, Japan, France, Australia, and other countries. In 1993 the name changed forest collections in Canada and the United States. Plush stuffed furry little family, homes and their accessories into Calico Critters, both in Canada and the United States, offered by the Internal Playthings, but still Sylvanian Families in other countries.

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Porcupine and beaver has welcomed many types of creature’s animals to the line sylvanian families old oak tree house toys for years. Now there is a Persian cat, dalmatian dog, golden lab, skunks, penguins, otters, baby, twins and grandparents. Furniture and accessories for the family room, various bedrooms, nursery, kitchen, etc., all offered this toy line. Complete with street markets, shops, toy shops, pancake shops, public hospitals, pony and trap, caravans, boats and cars.

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