Beach House Area Rugs: Relaxed and Calming

Jul 20th

Beach house area rugs – Imagine having getaway feel of a beach house year round, even if you are landlocked. Beach houses are simple, relaxed and calming. They invite you to relax moment you walk through door. Whether you yearn for a charming seaside cottage or a cabin on a tropical island, use beach-style decorating ideas to enjoy laid-back live each day.

Beach house floors are sand-friendly and easily swept. Hardwood floors, colored light to medium or painted white, remain classic or beach house area rugs. Or pull up your wall to wall carpet and faux finish concrete to resemble limestone blocks. Defining living and dining areas with natural sisal or seagrass rugs.

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Beach house area rugs schemes vary, but they are almost always inspired by nature. Home filled with white and pale, pearly seashell pastels feel relaxed and soothing. Ocean-inspired color schemes include blues and turquoises mixed with white and neutral colors. Tropical beach locales inspire vibrant palette of coral, turquoise, green and yellow.

Complete your beach-style decor with natural accents. Fill a basket or ironstone compote with seashells. Using a piece of driftwood as sculpture. Starfish display on a table top, with a coral cluster under a bell jar. Cover a mirror or picture frame with glued on seashells. Suspend bits of beach glass from your chandelier. Hang a painted seascape – fine or primitive – over fireplace.

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