Install Seagrass Carpet Style

Jul 16th

Seagrass carpet – Seagrass is a carpet, fresh fragrant addition to the decoration and is easy to install in most rooms. You can make a pattern to use as a template or simply lay the carpet in place, measuring, marking and cutting as you go. Since it is not glued or nailed in place, but can also be removed for periodic cleaning of the floor below. Unlike most carpets that are installed on a pad, dirt and allergens do not accumulate on or under a carpet of seagrass.

Install seagrass carpet, Measure the area to be carpeted and buy carpets sufficient to complete the project seagrasses. Make sure all mats (sections) are more or less the same color as this can vary. Choose a pattern that has natural breaks in it, such as the square pictured above, to make the cut several easier sections. Make a template (as an alternative) by deploying enough strips of paper to approximate the area to be carpeted. Tape strips together for ease of handling. Measure the area and transfer of these measures to the paper.

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Install seagrass carpet; Turn the sea grass on a clean, flat surface with the right side down. If you are carpeting a large area and the need to combine multiple seagrass mats, sew the edges using a curved upholstery needle and twine the same color as the sea grass. Knot securely. Make sure the sections are completely flat when they join. Be careful rest itch them if they cut through her ​​sewing to cut the template. Place the template on the eel grass with the side marked “TOP” down. Cut the carpet along the line you have drawn. Gently shake the scales of sea grass or excess dust and place the carpet, face up, in the room.

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