Build a Biggest Tree House Without a Tree

Jun 21st

Biggest tree house – You can build a tree house, even if you do not have a tree. Create your own customized tree complete with artificial limbs, then build your castle in the air. Garnier limbs and a processed log provides the backbone of your tree house.

Build a biggest tree house without a tree, dig a hole 4 meters deep and 2 meters wide. Place the log treated in the hole. Prepare the upright log by means of a 2-by-fourth. Ensure that the log file is level and just about to hang a plumb bob from a spirit level on top of the log. Adjust bracing until the log is level and straight. Mix quick-drying concrete in a wheelbarrow according to package directions. Back-fill the hole around the pole with gravel. Then fill the hole with concrete. Allow the concrete to set 2 to 3 days before continuing. Secure Garnier Limbs 8 feet up the pole in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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After that to build a biggest tree house without a tree, lay plywood sheets across Garnier limbs to make your floor. Attach metal straps over each branch to keep the floor from getting loose. Make prefabricated walls with 2-by-4s, as shown in the picture. Add five 8-foot 2-by-4s 2 meters apart to get joists.  Attach plywood sheets horizontally to the outside in order to make the walls. Leave an opening on a wall at least 4 meters wide for an exit. Attach a ladder to the side of the wooden house. Paint your wooden house as desired. If you can not paint it, your tree house does not last as long.

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