Build a New Bike Garage

Jun 3rd

Bike garage – Choose a place outside the home where the passage is not interrupted, but is not too outdoors or out of sight, for safety. Weapon Crate body uniting with the system that you consider more convenient, the back plate, and the base, roof and side plates. Install the headliner you will use. The metal siding mounted suspension will help insulate the garage, while it will resist the weather. Secure it to the ground amurándolo or the system that are most appropriate.

Install drawer inside the lighting system batteries, and any other item you want to add (for example, hooks on the sides, from which could hold the hand pump or other) at bike garage. In the base plate installed females of the runners. Install a vent in the door plate. You can now also install a handle or knob, to open the garage, on the outer side. Install the clip wheels at the rear end of the floor plate. Weapon inside, joining perpendicular angle front plate and the floor, leaving the guides down and the shooter toward outside.

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Monte guides on each other, and check the functioning of the internal drawer. Install rubber weather-stripping to ensure an almost seal (it will not be built by the ventilation grille). Pinto coated or ends insulation, protection and aesthetics of garage. Install security lock system. Re- open the structure, now “parked” bicycles in bras, and reclosed. And your new bike garage was used.

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