DIY Metal Garages Ideas

May 29th

Metal garages – How to build a metal garage? Select the model of the garage. Today on the market there are two options for the portable metal garage of corrugated sheet metal. Model of corrugated board strength and durability. And a special topography and a variety of colors, you can easily enter into the construction of this material in almost any architectural ensemble.

Do basis. You should know that for the construction of portable metal garages is not necessary to equip a continuous basis. Enough asphalt pad in the desired size or adding concrete slab. This website requires rising above ground level by about 15 cm. Install the frame of metal construction. To start Assembly should be of square elements. Laying rails of the frame, attaching them with galvanized screws. For reliability and ease of fixing detailed design includes a special mounting.

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Shape the corner and install the intermediate racks. Align rafter of the roof profiles. During installation, you must carefully adjust the position of all parts of a level. The panel frame plate. The covers are made from right to left, bottom to top. Adheres to metal garages frame with galvanized screws. The connection is performed in steps of 15 cm. Install entrance. Gate installation shall be in accordance with the instructions, depending on the selected model.