How to Build a Tree House in Easy Tips

Jun 8th

How to build a tree house? It is difficult to describe in words the sensation that occurs when perched on a tree: contact with nature, the adventure of exploring between the branches, be away from the world and reach horizon with the look, have a new perspective. Many of us have dreamed of having a house in the tree, that place where we play, we find ourselves, we climb, we rest, we invite the friends, we look at the stars, etc.

How to build a tree house diy? What steps do you have to follow to build a house in the tree? Sketch: Once received the images of your tree and we make a first design. If you do not have tree have several ways to help, look at our catalog tree houses. Measurement of the tree: Our technicians will go to your tree to make a 3d model through photogrammetric. Preliminary draft: Together with you we will elaborate the design until arriving at the house in the tree of your dreams.

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Draft: All the necessary documentation for the construction of how to build a tree house. Plans, constructive details, and types of materials … Construction: Several wood workshops make an offer for the execution of the project, compare the different alternatives and choose the cheapest. You can also build it yourself with our supervision.