How to Paint Tree House Ideas

Jul 6th

Tree house ideas – A wooden house is a magical hide out, a private room for dreams, reading or hatching plans with a friend. About the tree house you plan to decorate is a secret club or setting for afternoon tea parties, the careful preparation plus creative imagination result in a successful project. It is not difficult to paint a wooden house, and if you take the step, it need not be messy or take a very long time. Just select a dry day for your paint party, and for best results, let the residents helps choose the colors and apply the finishing touch.

Gather all the supplies you need and place them in the bottom of the tree for easy access. If you need a ladder to get to the tree house ideas, be sure it is crooked securely against the trunk of the tree or otherwise securely fastened. Scrape all the old paint from wood or use new wood, be sure to sand any rough spots. Apply a primer coat to new wood and let it dry. Paint inside ceiling and the outer roof. Paint main wall colors, inside and out. When the interior paint has dried, remove the masking tape to reveal a clean edge at the time of the ceiling and wall.

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Stick masking tape on the walls at the time of the wall and floor. Have fun with trim paint contrasting colors around window openings look like ledges, frames or shutters. You can use small bottles or jars of acrylic paint or fourth color-mixed paint to cover large areas. Paint the door if the tree house has one. When the paint is dry, use permanent markers or acrylic paint to draw persevere! signs, graffiti, flower borders, a mailbox, an internal “blanket” or outside “doormat” or other embellishments to personalize the tree house ideas. A top coat of clear acrylic of these decorations will protect the artwork from the elements.

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