How To Build Tree Stump Fairy House

Jul 2nd

How To Build Tree Stump Fairy House – If your daughter really liked fairy, you can invite daughters to create a fairy house made of tree stumps. By playing your creativity, you can make a fairy house from tree stumps with your child. You can use the materials available at home to create a fairy house in the front garden of the house. This will be savings, than you buy on the internet at a price of more than $ 60.

The first step to create a tree stump fairy house is finding a tree stump; make small holes in the bottom of the tree using a drill. Then, make a hole at the bottom of a tree stump using a chisel and hammer. Also use a chisel to frame the windows up on a tree. Made some oblique holes using a large drill to add a branch, then glue with strong wood glue. Sanding wooden stump in order to look smoother and paint it with the colors according to you want. Or you can color it with a brown color which is the original color of a tree stump.

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You can decorate the tree stump fairy house with vines; it will make it more beautiful. Add the sweet bird’s nest in one of the branches. Provides a hammock with some yarn, lined the little hollowed-out room with moss. If you want the extra space further up the tree. You could use a few pieces of bark, cut them to the same length; drilled holes in the ends and use a mixed floral wire them together at both ends. Thin skin but the floor is supported by some bamboo skewers are glued into holes drilled in the tree. And access to the floor as simple as tying a knot around small twigs (secured with craft glue) using my crochet thread. You can add your creativity by making small fairy table and chairs from the bark and twigs and stick them together with craft glue.

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