Calico Critters Country Tree House Ideas

Jun 10th

Calico critters country tree house-The traditional tree house provided young people a getaway place to spend time with friends or alone time to ponder the wonders of life. Tree house develops into extra living space for the whole family. Gone are the days of wobbly boards, now replaced by high-tech constructions safely placed among the leaves of the tree? Interiors are now used as a bedroom designed for calico critters country tree house. Use a set of bunk beds, complete with jungle decorations, to the modern return to nature.


Start with a bare wood set or a used set of wooden bunk beds. Sand outside the finish if necessary. Apply the stain to the bunk beds to match the tree. Let the stain flat, leaving out a shiny surface. Set up the bunk beds when the stain is dry. Cover the beds with forest green or leaf-patterned quilts or blankets. Use matching pillowcases or contrast with an ordinary brown coating.

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Fix fake branches to all rails and dividers. Tie them to the edges with clear fishing line to hide attachments. This gives the bed the look of a tree growing through it. Hang fake vines from the top bunk to create a curtain that covers the bottom bunk. Attach the vines to the top bunk’s divider and false branches. Place them close together and tie them with fishing line to secure calico critters country tree house.

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